Borden Barracks

Repair/Removal/Replacement of asbestos containing cementitious roof sheeting and asbestos cement gutters and downpipes from Building 53, which is segmented into store areas; workshop areas; training areas and gymnasium. Building 53 is approximately 750m long by 100m wide with a roof structure approximately 15m high. All works were undertaken in close cooperation with the appointed CDM coordinator.

Access was arranged via a scaffold erected at either side of the structure with walkways constructed between the two holding towers. Two walkways were constructed to allow one to be moved as an area was finished without causing any delay to the programme. Once the exterior works were completed mobile access equipment was utilised to facilitate interior works at high level.

  • The scope of works included:
  • Removal & disposal of damaged asbestos cement roof sheets
  • Replacement of removed sheets with modern alternatives
  • Patch repair of sheets with minor damage
  • Sealing of large profile gutters and surrounds with acrypol
  • Replacement of asbestos cement downpipes with modern alternatives
  • Spraying of all internal roof surfaces and joints with a proprietary sealant

The whole team, including Contracts Managers, Sub Contractors and visiting auditors, had to pass MOD vetting to be allowed on site. All vehicle movements had to be planned and approved with the MOD at least 48 hours in advance which required careful planning by the Contracts Manager. The project was successfully completed within the timescales allocated with zero accidents, incidents and near misses.

  • CLIENT Concept Building Services (Southern) Ltd
  • Value£350,000.00
  • Type(s) of workReactive Maintenance