British Telecom Deep Level Tunnels

The BT Deep Level Tunnels are a series of tunnels that contain communications services (cables, fibre optics etc) underneath major cities. These tunnels stretch for some twenty-five miles and criss-cross the capital at an average of 30 to 40 metres below the surface with many access and egress points. Some of these, such as those situated underground by the Palace of Westminster, even have their own armed guards at all times.

The unusual environment of these tunnels meant that many hazards had to be mitigated, notably poisonous gas and fire safety. Our Operatives and Supervisors who worked on this project had to undergo specific three day training on the specific Health and Safety issues associated with these works. All personel were required to utilise Drager gas warning monitors and oxygen re-breathers at all times on site.

Asbestech’s management team had to deal with complex air management issues when designing the enclosures within the tunnels. Once the enclosures were live we undertook bolt replacement and leak sealing of the tunnel liner rings. This was followed by re-caulking of the joints, which varied in size from 7 to 12 feet in diameter, with a specialist water proof membrane that had been designed specifically for the task in conjunction with the end client. Following the sealing and repair works a full environmental clean was carried out to the area ensuring that vital communication cabling, including highly sensitive fibre optic cabling, was not damaged or disturbed.

Our client had a tight programme with the refurbishments taking place over an eighteen month period by our team of thirty Operatives and Supervisors. All works were incident and accident free and were completed within budget and to programme.

  • CLIENT Schal Management
  • Value£1,500,000.00 (one off)